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Pollution investigations and Environmental assessments
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Aquascience offers a range of environmental and biological services to assist owners and managers of lakes, reservoirs and watercourses. Managed by a doctorate level aquatic biologist and Chartered Environmentalist with 25 years' experience, our Environmental Services team carries out environmental assessments on any watercourse, backed by expert laboratory analysis.
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microscopic photo of E. danica

Our specialist fields include:

Pollution incident investigations in receiving watercourses. We undertake investigatory work for independent clients, angling clubs, solicitors and insurers, and nationally important pollution-fighting bodies such as the ACA.

Eutrophication studies into the impact of nutrient inputs on the invertebrate life and ecological diversity in water supply reservoirs and sensitive fisheries, including advice on risk management with respect to blue-green algae.

Environmental surveys and assessments for wildlife and fishery enhancement schemes and planning applications.

Macroinvertebrate surveys and riverfly monitoring to measure the progress of watercourse remediation schemes and assist anglers in monitoring the health of sensitive rivers.

Zebra mussel surveys

zebra mussels
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