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Floating Reedbeds and Floating Islands
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Floating reedbeds have come a long way since their UK introduction in the late 1980s.
Initially conceived as a space-saving alternative to conventional gravel reedbeds in pollution abatement schemes and tertiary sewage treatment, floating reedbeds are now widely specified for lake and wetland remediation projects, fishery improvement schemes and wildfowl habitat creation. Pollution control applications have expanded to include nutrient and suspended solids removal in water supply reservoirs, and long-term algal control in eutrophic lakes and ponds where they can help to break the cycle of algal dominance and enable submerged higher plants (macrophytes) to re-establish.
Photo of Floating Reedbeds Photo of Floating Reedbeds
Photo of Floating Reedbeds on a river Photo of Floating Reedbeds
Aquascience is the leading designer and supplier of floating reedbeds and floating islands in the UK, offering the widest range of raft shapes and sizes for all applications and an efficient installation service based on ten years' experience. Our standard rectangular raft units can be connected together on site to form square or rectangular reedbeds, or even gently sweeping curves, of 10m2 to 2,000+ m2, while circular islands of 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m and 12m diameter are stock items. All of our reedbeds can be supplied with anti-grazing protection, customised to take account of likely grazing pressure, in the form of perimeter fencing, netted top covers or weldmesh cages.
Our floating reedbed products are all manufactured from high-specification, long-lasting materials at our works in Sussex, giving us maximum control of costs and quality. Safety is built in: our installations are designed for safe access if litter removal or vegetation management are required.
Intallation of Reedbeds Photo of Floating Reedbeds Photo of Floating Reedbeds Photo of new Floating Reedbeds Photo of established Floating Reedbeds
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