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Freshwater angling has undergone a quiet revolution since the 1970s, and fishery management has become a more dynamic, challenging business. High anglers' expectations, high stocking rates, disease, invasive species, fish theft, predatory birds, nutrient enrichment, climate change - the list of new challenges seems endless, yet well-managed fisheries continue to prosper.

Together with our associates, we offer a range of fishery services and products to help fishery managers meet the challenges:

Bullet Point Lake and river habitat assessment
Bullet Point bioengineering solutions to lake and river erosion
Bullet Point Construction of fishing platforms and new swims
Bullet Point Supply and planting of aquatic plants
pond constructing a reed bed
photo of a reed bed photo of reed floating islands on water
Fishery management fish refuge structures photo of fish refuge structures
Fish Refuge Islands

Stocks in many inland fisheries are under severe pressure from predation by cormorants and goosanders. Recruitment in some fisheries has been virtually eliminated, leading to serious gaps in year classes.

Research by CEFAS has shown that fish refuge structures can substantially reduce cormorant visits and fish losses to bird predation. Our sturdy, long-lasting fish refuge islands are designed to protect the 3-8" (75-200mm) fish preferred by cormorants and goosanders, and they can be easily customised to provide refuge for larger fish, if required.

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