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Analytical services for public waters and mains water supply
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Our laboratory offers expert biological and analytical services to local authorities, water companies and water asset managers to identify and quantify biological contaminants, and help manage the associated risks.

Algal Analysis

We operate a highly efficient and cost-effective algal analysis service, enabling water managers to submit lake and mains water samples by post and receive detailed information in the form of an Algal Status Report, including an assessment of any public health implications, within a few days.

microscopic photo of mycrocys microscopic photo of blue green algae
Algae are identified to genus or species level, blue-green algae are highlighted, and significant zooplanktonic activity is noted.
reedbeds on reservoir

Tap and Hydrant Bag Analysis

We offer a high level of expertise, based on ten years of water industry experience, in the analysis of tap and hydrant bag samples for biological and particulate material.

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