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Floating Reedbeds and Floating Islands: Aquascience is the leading designer and supplier of floating reedbeds and floating islands in the UK, for wetland restoration and the improvement of water quality, combining years of field experience with unparalleled expertise in aquatic ecology, algal control and effluent treatment. We offer the widest range of raft shapes and sizes for all applications and an efficient installation service based on ten years' experience.

Fish Refuge Structures and Fishery Services: Together with our associates, we offer a range of fishery services to assist fishery managers: Our sturdy, long-lasting fish refuge islands are designed to protect the (75-200mm) fish preferred by cormorants and they can be easily customised to provide refuge for larger fish, if required.

Algal Control and Urban Lake Restoration: Aquascience has a proven track record in devising and installing algal control. Our service sinclude the successful use of barley straw to protect valuable water assets from algal blooms. Our Aquabalance units, containing pre-activated barley straw and a culture of aquatic micro-organisms, have also been used to control green filamentous algae in trout fisheries, sewage treatment works and private lakes.

Pollution investigations and environmental assessments: Aquascience are experts in pollution, environmental and biological assessments to assist owners and managers of lakes, reservoirs and watercourses. Managed by a doctorate level aquatic biologist and Chartered Environmentalist with 25 years' experience, our Environmental Services team carries out environmental assessments on any watercourse, backed by expert laboratory analysis.

Analytical services for public waters and mains water supply: We operate a highly efficient, cost-effective algal analysis service. Our laboratory offers expert biological and analytical services to local authorities, water companies and water asset managers to identify biological contaminants, and help manage the associated risks.

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